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Dear Friend:

Whoever says you can't beat the slot machines is wrong! Dead wrong!

I know this because since I discovered my little secret, I have walked away with thousands of dollars in winnings! and I guarantee that you can beat the slot machines every time you play!

You will take casinos for thousands and thousands of dollars! And I wouldn't make such a bold claim if I didn't know it was true. In fact, I intend to let you prove it to yourself. But before you see for yourself ...

DO NOT go near a slot machine! You will undoubtedly lose your money! However once you have the advantage over the machines with my secret you are guaranteed to make huge cash profits!

My name is Susan Applegate and I spent 8 years as a Las Vegas casino waitress. You know, the one that brings you free drinks as you throw your money away? Well, I picked up more than just tips as I walked through row after row of slot machines!

I talked to many people and found there are countless 'Systems' they use that 'Claim' to help you beat slot machines. I believe I saw just about all of them. But I was disappointed to see that none of them worked! Everyone was still losing their money. Even when I occasionally played, I lost big time. Bottom line, as someone who spent lots of time around slot machines I've never saw anyone win more money than chance would allow -- no matter what system was being used ... until I met a man named Frank.

Now, I realize I am ress, but I hope you'll listen to what I have to say for a moment. Because it will change your life and make you thousands and thousands of dollars playing slots! And it's 100% legal!

You'll never win against casinos unless you know my secret!

If you're like most people, you have lost a lot of money gambling. It's not just you. The odds and the machines are greatly stacked against you. People do randomly hit jackpots, but it's pure luck. Casinos are in business to make money and they make billions of dollars each year.

You can't beat the slots unless you know my secret. And it is a secret because if the casinos get wind of this flaw in their system, they will do all they can to stop it. And then we will all be shut off from this easy money!

Here's how I discovered this slot machine secret. Once in a while I would see someone who was going from machine to machine winning jackpots like crazy! Then they would quickly leave before security noticed and came to see how they did it.

One mrticular frequented my casino about once a week. His name is Frank. (I later found out he spends other nights in other casinos doing the same thing.) he would win jackpot after jackpot -- and quietly leave. I often served him drinks as he played and as the only person he recognized each time he played, we began to talk, and became friends.

I mentioned that I noticed he won a lot and he was quiet about that at first. But during dinner after my shift one night we began to talk about how makes his fortune from slot machines.

He told me he figured out slot machines and how they work. he told me about the secret Zig Zag method and how to make it work for me. I was astounded. Who knew you could beat the slot machines? Certainly not the vast majority of people who lose their money time after time.

He confided in me all his secrets and told me to keep it to myself. But in time he agreed I could share it with others. I just couldn't stand to watch nice people lose their money.

Needless to say, I tried his secret the next afternoon in a different casino ... I won $1,238.00 ... and quit my job that same night!

You just won't believe how easy it is to beat the slot machines. It's incredible and it's not because of luck or good fortune. It's a technique that no one else has figured out. But I will tell you -- if you are interested!

How my Zig Zag method works to make you a fortune!

My secret shows you step by step, easily how the slot machines really work so you can win big every time! You'll know how to tell which machines are hot to pay off and which have been played out. And you'll discover winning playing combinations.

When you order FREE for 30 days you'll see exactly how it works. You will try it out at your favorite casino and be amazed at how easy it is to walk away with hundreds or thousands of dollars in winnings -- when you used to walk away with nothing!

Use only a small amount to win thousands of dollars every time you play!

That's the beauty of making big money with slot machines. All you need is a roll of quarters or even nickels to play with, and you can walk out much richer each time you play.

And this method work on all your favorite slot machines ...

4 The 5 machines
4 The 25 machines
4 The 50 machines
4 The $1 machines
4 Double Diamonds
4 spin Till You win
4 Wheel of Fortune
4 The Super Joker
4 Jackpot Joker
4 Red, White & Blue
4 Wild Cherry
4 Stars & stripes
4 And many more!

You will know all the details you need to walk into any casino, to any of these machines with $20 dollars or less in your pocket, and easily win hundreds or thousands of dollars!

It's not hard at all! You can play at any casino in the world and my Zig Zag method will make you money. You might make more legally emptying slot machines than your do working at your full time job!

Quit losing your money, and start winning every time you play!

If you love to play slots, and think it's fun and exciting like I do -- wait until you start playing and Winning big handfuls of money when you play! Now that's exciting! You won't wasting your money on slot machine 'Entertainment.' Instead you will be enjoying your favorite hobby and making money at the same time! Believe me, you will enjoy playing a lot more when you are a consistent winner!

Now you can enjoy the good life you deserve!

If you are not living the good life you want, my Zig Zag method will change that for you! I know for a fact that many people enjoy a rich lifestyle on what they win in casinos. these are your quiet, behind the scenes 'Professional gamblers.' They are not the same people who get free suites and meals and gamble in private rooms. No, those are the rich who lose all their money. That's why they get special treatment.

But now you will live well too from your slot earnings! each time you are able to get to a casino, you will win a nice pile of money just by doing what you did before. I know this secret will bring you the kind of life you maybe only dream about now.

With all your extra money, soon you can ...

Buy the house you've always wanted ... Drive a brand new luxury or sports car... pay off all your debts and never have money worries again ... Shop for expensive designer clothes ... Take fun and exciting vacations anywhere in the world ... Give money and gifts to friends and family ... Buy and do anything you want!

It really will change your life! My Zig Zag slot method is proven to work! I guarantee it! Why wouldn't you try it FREE? You have absolutely nothing to lose. Without it, you might still have fun playing slot machines, but you will lose most times. Why throw your money away when you donor have to?

Try it Risk FREE ... and win loads of money next time you play!

If you have easy access to a casino, and play only 10 times a month, and win $1,000 each time, you would pull in over $10,000 a month! Or as much as $30,000 a month if you win $3,000 each time! That's $360,000 a year just for pulling the handle of a slot machine! Most people donor even make near that much working hard at a 9 to 5 job. It's incredible what you can do when you are a slots winner! And you will be with my method!

You'll only know if it works if you use it! And, like I said, I want you to use it free for 90 days! I guarantee that you will make money using my method or you won't pay me a single penny. You risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I don't  need this to live comfortably anymore, but I do want to see you make easy money and beat the casinos. So I've made my money-making Zig Zag method very inexpensive.

I will only sell my secret to a limited number of players each month. Because if too many people have it, the casinos will notice and be forced put a stop to it. Then nobody will win. so donor wait and lose out!

So you'll have to act fast. Simply click the button below and  start winning big.  Don't delay and miss out this opportunity.  

Happy Winning,

Susan Applegate

P.S. Don't pass up this chance to make an extra $120,000 to $360,000 a year doing something you enjoy! You can't lose. You will either win the huge cash jackpots I claim with my Zig Zag method, or you won't pay a penny. That's how sure I am this will work for you. So don't wait, reply now and prove it to yourself!

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