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Dear Friend,

You too can win big at the races using a simple, powerful new system that requires almost no effort on your part. It's fun. It's a blast. And best of all... you can just be an 'average' guy and still make gobs of money. Let me explain.

Here's the story

I love the races. To me it's a rush to place a bet and watch the horses fly around the track. But I must admit. I want to win money too. Up until a short time ago I lost again and again and again. Every time I lost money I got thoroughly disgusted. I would rip up the tickets and throw them angrily in the trash can. The worst part about it-Just between you and me- was look on my wife's face if I lost. I desperately needed to do something different. Then something wonderful happened.

The 'Insta-Know Secret' To Winning

One day I saw a man in his late fifties in white suit walking with confidence at Del Mar. And he had a very beautiful woman by his side. I wouldn't have thought anything about it, but, this was the 5th or 6th time I had seen him. Every time I saw him he was happy. Bubbling. Smiling. I thought he was happy because he had this beautiful woman at his side every time... But... guess what... Every time I saw him... he won a BIG FAT WAD OF CASH.

I made up my mind. I had to talk to him. But... What do you say to a strange man? Any man? 'Hi. My name is David. What's it like to be winner?' I have to admit, I'm shy. I'd be too embarrassed to just start talking to a stranger. But scared or not... I had to talk to him.

I had to know what was going on. I had to know why every time I saw him at the track he won fist full of cash.

What did he know that I didn't know?

Finally, I bucked up my courage. I walked up and introduced myself. I offered to buy him and his lady friend a drink. 'Are you lucky or what?' was all I could say. 'It's not luck' not He said... 'I have a system. And it let's me win some $527 To $1,865 every day.'

Let Me Buy You A Drink

'Let me buy you both another drink.' I found myself saying. (I learned that the beautiful woman was his wife. And I learned that he had been winning at the races for years.)

And thus our friendship began. It was more than a friendship. This guy is amazing. He doesn't need to 'see' the horses to know which one will win. He doesn't even need to 'be' at the races. But he wins. And he wins. And he wins.

l He wins with daily doubles.
l He wins Triples.
He wins Exactas.
He wins Perfectas.

He Let Me Follow Him Around   He took a liking to me and invited me to follow him around from track to track over a period of several months. His wife would go over the numbers with him. He would ask a few simple questions. Then, she would place the bets for him.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was just to hang out with them. He wouldn't tell me exactly his method. All he said was 'Watch me son, you'll pick it up.' So I did. Truthfully... his secret took me totally by surprise. It was so simple I said to myself... 'Now, it cannot be.'

A New Level Of Profits

It was easy. It took me to a new level of profiteering I had never known. And guess what... his system is totally legal in every state. And the tracks don't even mind if he wins and wins.

As incredible as it sounds... Now you can make some $10,000 in as little as 10 days at the races. It's amazing.

This is truly good news for the veteran horse racing fan as well as for the 'beginner'. Maybe you've never placed a 'bet' on a horse. Well, now you can do so with confidence.

As you know horse racing is all over the place. You don't have to go to Kentucky or even to Nevada to bet on a horse. You don't have to 'go' anywhere. 'Lots of folks pick up the phone and call an OTB (off track betting) site.

Most People Lose Most of The Time

Please note: I must give you this simple warning. Most folks lose when they bet on horses. I ought to know. I lost. And I lost plenty. But not any more. Thanks to my friend, I can 'see' things others cannot.

Now I use what he called 'Insta-Know System'. Now I too can win $527 To $1,865 a day... day after day at the races. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

Once I 'got it' my friend agreed to let me reveal his secret to a limited number of folks who want to make money at the races. But he said there were two conditions.

Two Simple Requests

First of all he made me promise I would not release this vital information to more than 1,000 people per region per year. Why? He felt that was the break off point where any more would effect his winnings. .

Oh, one more thing. He also insisted that everyone who gave his system a try be totally satisfied with his method. He did not want anyone risking one dime on some unproven program and suffer disappointment. He insists you be 100% satisfied with Insta-Know System. or you get a no-questions-asked refund of your money.  So, you'll have plenty of time to see for yourself just how profitable this amazing and unique system really is. My friend even suggests you run the numbers on paper FIRST... to prove it to yourself.

A Proven Breakthrough

Don't place any bets - Not even his famous $3 bet... until you've prove to yourself that this method really, really works.

His system is so simple. It's quick. It's easy to use. And it's a major breakthrough in successful horse race winnings.

Now the only question left remaining is: How much money do you want to make? It's entirely possible to make some $10,000 over the next ten days. Imagine all you can do with that kind of money. You can quickly have money for a brand new shiny car with all the options like a CD player... Leather seats. Push button everything. And more.

A Down Payment On A New House?

And what about CASH for a down payment on a new house? You bet! I'm thinking a home with a view and easy access to the golf course. A home like that could easily cost you $200,000. Won't your real estate agent be pleased when you lay down a $50,000 cash down payment.

I'm telling you... horse racing was kind of fun before. But now it's totally thrilling. When they put that money in my hands I cannot tell you how excited I feel. If you want that same thrilling feeling... If you want to make $40 for every $3 bet... If you want to make some $400 for every $30 bet... and thousands of dollars almost anytime you want... stop now and access the guide right this minute.

There's  no strings attached and no risk to you. You can prove it to yourself without risking one dime. Plus, Insta-Know System comes to you with a 3-month money back guarantee.

No Risk To You

Again, if for any reason you're not totally thrilled with Insta-Know System.   You get a complete No-Questions-Asked Refund of the entire purchase price. I insist. My friend insists. There's no way you can lose.

Thank you, in advance from both of us. For giving us the chance to serve you. And perhaps we'll meet at the track some time.

Sincerely yours,

David Johnson
David Johnson, Publisher

P.S. Remember, this has to be a limited offer. I'm sorry. You must not put this aside. If you want to take home thousands of dollars from the races... let me hear from you right away. The power of  Insta-Know System. can put tons of cash into your pockets.

P.P.S. Who would have thought that a simple and easy to put into action system  could win so much money at the horse races in any country---England, Australia and Europe.

Complete  the NO-RISK Access  form now ... This may be your last chance ever to get it by this offer.  Because our price and the  offer may be doubled without any notice or warning.  So act now.

Complete the form below and press Access Information Button. A  payment of $19.95 is due within 24 hours of access. (Make sure email address is correct. It is used for sending username and passwords) Money Back Guarantee. 



Win 5 Races In One Day

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