Poker Winning Secrets Revealed

Win Every Poker Game  You Enter....Guaranteed!

 "You Will Win Every Poker Game You Play---Guaranteed"


Dear Friend, Your Winnings Are Easy, 

And... With your permission, I'll show you how to stuff your pockets full of cash whenever you play poker. All you have to do is follow my step-by-step winning system to win poker at every game you play.

Hi. My name is Roger Conrad. You've probably never heard of me.  I really don't want to be famous. I'm good at poker. And I win all the time. But I don't want to be the limelight. In a moment, I'll tell you why.

My poker winning system gives you a strategic edge that limits your risks and maximizes your rewards. It's so simple a 9th grader can quickly and easily pick it up. You'll amaze yourself by winning poker from $500 to $2,000 a night or more. And be best thing is... you can test it out without risking a penny.

Let Me Show You Dear Friend How To Really Win Big At Poker...

... you don't need a college education to do this. And if you follow my step-by-step will not risk one cent to find out if you can really win at poker.   Because I've taken the "gamble" out of playing poker.  Because my poker system limits the risk and maximizes the rewards.

But first... Let me tell you my story. Please read every word of this. Then you can win yourself a ton of cash and have lots of fun by playing winning poker.

When I was a kid... In the 1960's we lived in West Texas. Dry. Dusty. Hot. My Dad was a handyman in a small town. My Dad always wanted to be there for us. So he did things different.

Being a "handyman" did not make much money. But we never seemed to be broke. Here's why...

After I got a little older... around 14... I figure out where he got his money. I found out then what he'd been up to all of those years. My dad started taking me along.

My dad was really a card shark. To be more specific, he was an ace poker player. He could win a ton of money in no time flat playing poker with his friends or at the local bars.

I started learning the art of poker at an early age - in my teens.  I learned the poker rules... poker ticks and the ways to win poker.  I learned it in the pool halls. And honky-tonks. First by watching my Dad play. Then, by sitting in the games myself.

My Dad was quite impressed at how fast I picked up his system of winning poker.  As time went by, it turned out that I was more of a "natural" at poker than my Dad


By the time I was eighteen or nineteen, I was winning lots of money playing poker. I had become a "mad scientist" regarding poker. I discovered "tricks" no one had thought of. I was studying the game and the players. I was studying what went right. And what went wrong. Most important of all, I learned how to win poker.

As a kid I was taking home $100 a night. Sometimes $200 a night.

I started to win poker more frequently. One night I made over $600. In the early 1970's, that was more then most men made in a month.

Imagine that---$600 in one night--- in 1973 or so. If you factor in inflation, that's a whopping $3,000 for a few hours of fun. Now-- It's nothing for me to make several thousand dollars a night. I've done it for years and years.

Now after some 30 years playing poker I'm retired.

I live in Reno on a huge horse ranch. I own it free and clear. I have no debt. I have more money than I will ever spend in five lifetimes. I keep a fair chunk of my money in gold - Australian Eagles to be specific. I have a few girlfriends that come to stay over from time to time.

I've had a great life so far. One that I don't regret.

I've met all the poker greats in my life... I've watched them play poker... Amarillo Slim, Mike Caro, Doyle Brunson and Bobby Baldwin. I've played poker in several of the "Biggest Game in Town" tournaments at Bennions in Vegas. (It's a shame that Bennions' son got killed by a two-bit stripper he was living with a few years ago.) But for the most part, I've stuck to private poker game. A few clubs. And the casinos. All for the high stakes. I love playing poker  in New York, Florida, Texas, and California. I play in clubs in Europe, and my home state of Nevada.

At one time I charged $1,500 to show people how to win poker!

A few years friends convinced me to show others how to make money playing poker. So, I taught three-day seminars on winning at poker. I charged $1,500. But now I have decided to put these secrets in a book form. so that I can teach a limited number of people to use my system to win poker every time they play poker.

Why am I writing a book and revealing my secrets?

I no longer have any reason to keep these secrets to myself. But I don't want too many people knowing them either.

Therefore... I will reveal them to you if you promise me three things:

1. Don't be a know-it-all and "lord it over people" when you win.

2. Keep these secrets to yourself - a good magician never reveals his tricks, and you don't need to either.

3. Give away part of your winnings to your favorite charity - it's a way to win with a little "style and grace."

Easy to use and put into action.

This is easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand. I tell you in plain English. -I've learned through teaching my seminars where people get confused... don't understand... so I've put everything in such a way that anyone that's played more than a few hands will clearly understand what I'm talking about.

Do you need great mental powers to play winning poker? NO-If you can remember a few phone numbers, then you already have the mental powers to be my next champion Poker Player. Just follow my step-by-step system.

Do you need powers of concentration to win at poker? NO-If you can spot a STOP SIGN on the road, and at least slow down enough to proceed through the intersection safely... then I can show you "Wiz Kid" poker patterns that almost guarantee you're headed for a jackpot.

Do you need "memory power" to learn to win poker all the time? NO-If you can remember that a square peg goes in a square hole, while a round peg goes in a round hole... you'll be amazed to see how quickly and easily you can win at poker.

The truth is dear friend... to win at poker... you need to develop "good habits." Most poker players play by habit. And bad habits at that.

I'll show you the habits that win at poker... time and time again.

"The Very First Hour After You Start Using My System You Will Clean Up The Table With One Winning Hand After Another. Your Friends Will Be Astounded."

All I ask from you is try my system at no risk to you. .  Download the e-Book right now or send for a CD-ROM version.  You should set aside a few moments each day from the following weekend. Glance through just one chapter. And get ready for one of the most thrilling weekends of your entire life.

Then, put this simple technique to work for you the next time you're playing a game of poker.

Call your family and friends. Get them involved in a friendly game of penny poker. They won't know you're just practicing on them. But, be prepared to astonish them. You'll feel totally in control of the game. You'll even begin to feel as if you had a flashing screen on the inside of your head guiding your next move.

This is a way you can create your own luck.

Thrilling? Yes! But also, this will be one of the most profitable secrets you'll discover.

Your friends will think you have an astonishing mental gift for winning at poker. And guess what? You will. If you follow my system. And yet, this is only the beginning.

Who should get this powerful  Poker Playing and Poker Winning System?

You should if you've ever wanted to win at anything, especially a card game. You should if you want to reward yourself after a long hard week at work by bringing home an extra $500 to $2,000 from the casino. You should if you're smart enough to know that the winners in life learn to LIMIT RISK and MAXIMIZE REWARD. - Listen, everything in life is "risky". Getting out of bed is somewhat risky. But we "limit" the risk by making sure the floor under the bed is not rotted out. Even Donald Trump limits his business risk by using various methods.

What you are about to discover... is the exactly system to use to limit your risk and maximize your reward.

Poker is a mind game. Most poker players don't know this. But... My system allows you to break through mental barriers that keep most people from winning this game.

Here... are the techniques that give you amazing powers of observation.... You'll be able to spot revealing details in the room-about the other players-and other things others won't know will affect the outcome of the game. Yet, you'll know. And the power will be yours. 

Check this system out entirely at my  risk.

And this is just the beginning. What you have just read is just a small sampling of what you are about to discover. My  powerful system of winning at poker will change your life.

Here at last is a practical system for winning poker. It's both fun and fascinating. It's easy-to-do. And it really, really works. My "poker winning system"  has been called "the most gifted poker player in the west."  My system of winning at poker has been tested and proven by students in private parties and casinos all over the world.

You'll see clearly how to play any hand you're dealt. You'll overcome crippling, blinding emotions, that keep you from winning. You'll see the game you should be playing quickly and efficiently.

Make your own good luck by winning poker every game you play.

Is this a way to beat money worries? You bet it is. You'll add your winnings up and discover hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars extra. All from a few hours of fun and leisure. The amazing thing about winning poker with my system is that your confidence builds. Your sense of humor returns. And you will have no trouble making new friends.

It Must Work For You.  Or You Don't Risk A  Penny.

The price for this poker winning system is easy on your wallet. In fact, it's less than the price of a dinner and movie for two. But it has the power to add thousands upon thousands of dollars to your month. No business opportunity could pay off as well as this.

Here' s my unconditional guarantee. We realize this system has no value to you unless it does everything we have promised you. Therefore, we insist that you put it to the test... any test you want. If your not thrilled, please, you will have  a no-questions-asked refund of your purchase price. We're that confident it will work for you.

People Declined The Refunds  

When I was doing seminars for $1,500 a head I made an unusual guarantee I guaranteed that each participant will  make their money back in just 3 or 4 games or I'll refund every penny I charged for my seminar.

Everyone loved it. I taught 163 people my system. I only had one guy ask for his money back. He was a self-conceited jerk with a bad attitude. I gladly refunded his money and promptly kicked him out of my class. Attitude is everything in the game of poker.

But now I'm "out of the game" - for good.

Since my dad passed away I've decided to slow down a bit and enjoy life more. That's why I'm offering to show you my secrets. I've decided to do the same thing for you that my dad did for me.

With your permission... I'll show you my poker secrets. I'll show you how I earned millions of dollars over the years as one of the best professional poker players in the country. And you can too.

It's amazing. And it really, really works.

My system works. Year after year. My Dad used this system for over 20 years. I've used this system for over 34 years... and now I'm offering it to you to use as long as you want.

Now I've retired. I only play for fun. But for all of those years, the system - the secrets my Dad passed on to me, that I'm getting' ready to pass on to you - worked as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I kid you not - I've made more money playing poker in one year than most men earn in ten years. I've lived the "high life" - the best hotels, steak dinners every night, beautiful women on my arm.

Stop.  Access the mini course right now.  Just push this button. I will give a 50% discount if you respond right away. Access Now.

This is a LIMITED OFFER. I don't want my system known by too many people. That's why I've limited access to  my system at this low price.

My system works any time, any place, anywhere, against any one.

It works for the top games being played today - Texas Hold'em (Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit), Seven Card Stud, Draw Poker, Omaha, and Omaha Eight or Better. Even strip poker. I explain how to play against beginners, intermediate, and pro players for all these games. I show you how to "type" and "read" each player, no matter what category they're in.

I've had students finish my seminars and win $10,000 to $20,000 the following month - just by following my system to the letter.

These are amazing secrets that anyone can use to begin winning poker immediately. Even if you're experienced, you need my  poker system to breakthrough to the next level. You'll start going home with the kind of money I'm used to winning every night. 

Don't get me wrong. I actually recommend you practice my poker system for at least a few days - before you play for real money.

But once you've got the basics down, you're ready to start playing for real dough - like I've done my whole life.

This isn't some wild eyed theory that I dreamed up one night. This is the REAL DEAL. I haven't had a losing year in all the time I've been playing  poker. The least I've ever made in a year (and this goes all the way back to the sixties) is over $50,000. The most I've made in a single year is over a half million dollars. You can too, by winning every poker game you play.

You can play poker with your friends. But you'll have to let them win sometimes too. If they don't ever win, they will grow tired of playing with you.

I've got plenty of friends that are still playing. They often win over half a million dollars a year - every year. Some of them play exclusively in Vegas. Others move around a bit. They all know what I know - how to win often enough, in the right games, for the right stakes. That's how you clear over $50,000 a month.

With some "slick but legal" income tax strategies I'm going to share with you, you can "write off" a lot of your expenses. Your after tax earnings will be right up there with the top CEO's in the U.S. - without a tenth of their headaches.

Want to win against movie stars? Want to bet billionaires? Want to play against "high rollers" and bring home a ton of money? Now you can.

There's a club in L A. (it's in my guide.) I'll tell you who to call for VIP treatment. At this club you can play poker with movie stars, billionaires, and other "high roller" types. These guys are easier to beat than your garden variety "sharpy" in Vegas. Why? They have a lot of money, but they have very little time to study and practice poker. They're typically in the club to show their "bimbo" how much money they can throw around in a night and not miss it. Using my system, it's no big deal to win $5,000 to $10,000 a night! (This particular club is open four nights a week. That means some $20,000 to $40,000 a week.)

By the way, when you're in Vegas, don't pay for your rooms or your meals. You'll be playing the high limit games (I recommend that once you get the basics of my system down, and start winning consistently, you quickly move up to the $500 and $1,000 limit tables).

Then you'll qualify for "RFB" in Vegas, Atlantic City, and my home town of Reno. What's RFB? It's short for room, food, and beverage. It means that all your expenses and extras in Vegas will be "comped" as soon as you get rated.

Not only will you be winning thousands of dollars every night (or every day if you wish - the tables run 24 / 7 in all these cities); you won't be "blowing" your money on hotel costs.

The point is, there's a fortune to be made if you know what you're doing. Soon enough you will.

Why You Can Make Money With My System and Poker Secrets.

Before I go on, allow me to tell you what Poker is all about. Poker IS NOT about cards. Poker is about people. I teach you how to understand the people. Then, you'll find it's easy to rake in all the money you want.

You'll become the Sherlock Holmes of the card game. You'll know "who did it", and why, because people leave clues. Whether they know it or not, whether they want to or not.

You'll find out when discretion is the better part of valor. This lesson alone is worth thousands of dollars (in money you won't lose chasing pots you won't win.)

This book isn't just about winning at poker. More importantly, it's about not losing. They may sound like the same thing at first, but as you'll discover, they're not... and knowing the difference will not lose you a lot of money.

I'm not going to give you a lot of charts to memorize. When the "chips are down", you need to understand the principals to make the right decision - check, raise, call, or fold.

Remember MY POKER SYSTEM IS GUARANTEED. Stop what you're doing and access your copy right now.

There are too many variables, and too many games. You need to get my poker system now before you miss any more opportunities to win at poker. That's why I'm going to teach you the way my dad taught me - the way that's worked so well in my seminars. 

Here's  a little secret: I learned that people do the same things the same way for the same reasons - every time. I learned that these patterns are the weak links in 90% of the players you encounter. (I'll tell you how to take care of the other 10% to. They're the ones to watch out for.) Once you know these secrets, you will be winning like clockwork.

That's why I say - again - that  poker is a game about people. It just happens to be played with cards.

By the way, you'll learn more about yourself playing poker than any other way. It's an instant report card. I'm going to show you how to get straight A's. 

The average players do  not take the poker game seriously. They are careless.  They won't practice. I'm going to demand that you do both. I'll be right by your side, making sure you remember what you need to when it matters most.

You'll gain courage and confidence. I will teach you the secrets of the masters. I will teach you the insider's secrets of winning poker every game you play.   These principals and poker secrets are far more important than how the cards are dealt.

No one else will know how you did it - and they don't need to know. My book is not available in stores. So no one else around the table will know your winning secrets but you.


  • Why it's more important to understand the players than the cards 

  • The difference between poker strategy and poker tactics 

  • What the other players in a game will tell you - if you'll let them 

  •  How to spot a bluff - and call it

  •  How to determine a poker player's style... and when it's changing 

  • Why you have to treat poker like a business... and be competitive every minute of every game 

  •  Changing your poker strategy in limit vs. no limit play to maximize winnings

  •  Strategies for managing your "bankroll"

  •  When you should refuse to play poker 

  •  Seventeen stupid mistakes I made while perfecting this system

  •  Why after you learn my system, your first instinct is usually the right one

  • How to control your emotions and maintain your confidence - whether you're "up" or "down"

  • Keeping your edge... the "killer instinct"... so you don't fade at the finish

  • How to discover - and eliminate - your own "tells" 


We'll, I've told you my story. Now you need to go out and write your own story. Complete the NO RISK ACCESS FORM right now.  Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. I'll get my system in your hands immediately. You'll love it. You'll find yourself referring to it over and over again. It's exciting.

You will win the kind of money that you've never seen before or even believed was possible.

All you need to do to make it happen is to complete the FORM right  NOW. Right now, before you get busy with something else and forget to do it.   Then you read it. Then you get out there and do it. Smile and don't ever look back.


Roger Conrad
Roger Conrad
Master Poker Player

P.S. - Here's my amazing guarantee: You don't lose one penny with my poker winning system. Check it out for thirty days in friendly, "low stakes" home games. You can play for money or chips. This is not like any system you've ever seen before - it beats them all. If you don't improve your game by 100% in the first thirty days of play, just let me know and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

P.P.S. - I made the publisher swear that my book would only be sold with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. Some people may take advantage of that, but once you read my book you'll realize it's worth 1,000 times what you paid for it. 

So let me repeat. If for any reason my unbeatable system doesn't turn you in to a winning, poker pro, you will get a  cheerful refund.  

Complete the form below and press Access Information Button. A  payment of $19.95 is due within 24 hours of access. (Make sure email address is correct. It is used for sending username and passwords) Money Back Guarantee. 





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