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It's a little know fact that the casinos of major resort hotels around the world need to rake in more than a million dollars a day in winnings just to break even? This makes them vulnerable if you know what to do!

Obviously - the casinos stack the deck in their own favor. That means every bet laid down on the green felt of a gambling table is a 'suckers bet.' 

But there is one game... and one game alone... where you can turn the odds around and make yourself a consistent winner... if you know my system.

That Game Is Blackjack.

I want to be straight with you. What I am about to reveal to you has nothing to do with so-called 'gambling.' And it has little to do with Lady Luck.

Without my system... in the long run... despite runs of luck... every gambler will lose. The science of mathematical probabilities guarantees this. It's what keeps the casinos in the money day in and day out. They never lose!

But, there is one little piece of knowledge that strikes fear into the hearts of casino owners everywhere.

You Can Turn Odds in Your Favor

And that is this. My system lets you turn the odds in your favor!

This is not available in stores! Or anywhere else.

You may have heard of some systems for winning at Blackjack. But these difficult attempts required weeks of study and the memory of an elephant.

My system is not one of those.

But before I go further... let me tell you how I came across this much simpler but extremely powerful system for beating the casinos at the game of Blackjack.

I Used to Spy on People

My last real job paid me ten-bucks-an-hour to sit in a little room in the ceiling above a major Las Vegas casino. There I would spend my days in front of a video monitor watching the dealers deal... and the players play.

Talk about eyestrain!

The only real benefit of the job was getting to look down on all the gorgeous babes in low-cut gowns, draped on the arm of one big player or another. (Did you ever wonder what was behind those big mirrors that cover casino ceilings?) 

I was assigned to the Blackjack tables. My job was to keep the dealers on their toes... and the players honest. Mainly... I was supposed to be on the lookout for 'card-counters.'

In all actuality, card counters aren't breaking any law. Any law that is but the one unwritten law of every casino in the world. Rare winning streaks are O.K. But in the long run you are only allowed to lose!

Card-counters were usually easy to spot.

The beginners would fall apart right away... flustered by the speed of play while they tried to keep track of the cards with some complex scheme they got out of some book... lips moving silently... sweat pouring off their brows. Those ones we usually let play... unless by some miracle they started winning. Then we ran them out of the casino and told them to never come back!

But there were always those few who drifted in... seemed to win a few hands... lose some too... then be out the door with fistfuls of OUR cash before we knew what hit us!

I'd replay the tapes over and over again trying to figure out how it was done. 

There was one guy in particular though... who intrigued me above all the rest. So much so that I did something I shouldn't have.

I let him play. I watched him win. And I watched him walk away with my bosses' money. I began to look forward to his weekly visits.

With a growing sense of excitement, I studied the tapes of his play over and over again... hand by hand... card by card. His system slowly began to take shape in my mind.

I marveled at its simplicity. I marveled at how he always won in just the few hours he'd play each visit. It was never enough to really raise suspicion or alarm the casino brass... but a heck-of-a-lot more than I was getting paid for sitting in my little box high above the gambling floor!

I must give credit where credit's due. I took my theories to a friend who worked at a marketing company that runs banks of high-powered IBM computers for data analysis purposes.

Combining what I had learned with his knowledge of the theory of mathematical probabilities allowed us to analyze billions-upon-billions of Blackjack hands. 

An Astounding Discovery Was Made!

What we came up with astounded us! We couldn't wait to try it out and see if anything this simple could really and truly work.

I couldn't take the chance on getting caught counting cards in Vegas. That would have been the end of my career in the casinos. So the next weekend, my friend and I took a flight to Tahoe to try the system out. It worked like gangbusters!

To make a long story short... we both quit our jobs and began to devote our lives to the pursuit of pleasure... and to mastering and refining our new system with actual play at Blackjack tables all over the world!

And... a little more than two years later... were still doing it... and it has yet to fail us.

Now... for the wise few of you out there who can tell a rose from a dandelion... you too can share in our marvelous discovery!

No longer will you need a brain like Albert Einstein's or the memory of a Pentium computer to beat the casinos at their own game! Virtually anyone who can count up or down by ones can soon be on their way to winning real money at the Blackjack tables using my system!

My System Is Easy To Learn.

But don't let the simplicity of my system fool you! This has been tested and verified by computer simulations and thousands of hours of actual Blackjack play at casinos throughout the world!

My system is easy to learn. It's easy to remember. And... the little time you'll spend learning pales in comparison to the fantastic rewards you stand to receive!

So let this be your year to break free from lack... boredom... and the same-old, same-old.

Take one big step forward into that wonderful world of travel. Adventure. And financial freedom!

But there's more to it than just learning the system!

Sure you can learn to beat the tables... but you must be aware of one hard fact.

Because this system works... and works well... casino owners are terrified. They will do everything in their power to figure out who you are and stop you! 

If you are foolish enough to go in unprepared you could quickly find yourself banned from the casino.

Even though our system is in no way 'cheating,' the casinos in one little tropical paradise I'll tell you about will stop you the only way they cheating you.

In other words... learning to win consistently is just the beginning.

Without knowing how to find the right casinos... the right games... the right clothes ... how to interact with casino personnel... and the right way to handle your emotions... you will be beaten before you start!

You must also learn when and how much to bet depending on the circumstances. It's the only way to maximize your winnings.

This is where my powerful system truly shines!

Easy & Powerful Strategies For Winning

I will show you the best and easiest strategies for beating the tables... how to find the right games... your optimum betting strategies... what you need to do to keep from getting spotted as a 'counter' and blacklisted... how to make pit bosses and dealers your partners in profit... what to do and not to do in a variety of situations and scenarios... and above all... if you do get caught counting... exactly how to handle the situation to avoid getting run out of town!

I am so sure that you will be able to do what I do... and my close-knit group of friends have been doing... winning big bucks at Blackjack... that I am willing to make you this unprecedented offer - if you act soon.

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* Use these 'cover-plays' to throw casino personnel off track when they're watching you too closely!

* These few simple rules will help beginners get into the swing of things before they get their bankrolls decimated.

* The ten things you should NEVER say at the card table!

* And so much more!

Please be aware.

This is a strictly limited offer. You must reply now to avoid being disappointed!

I don't need your money to keep living the outrageous lifestyle I now enjoy. Neither do I want the casinos 'flooded' with those using my system.

However... I do get great pleasure seeing others break free of the mundane to live life to its fullest!

That's why I'm revealing this powerful system to that select few people motivated enough to grab the bull by the horns and accept this wonderful opportunity.

And I must admit that I really enjoy seeing the casino owners give back a little of what they takak